Jessie Duong Viindoo

Jessie Doan

Business Administration Consulting Junior

Over 10 years of working experience in the field of finance, accounting, Fintech and corporate and technology management consultancy.

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  • 03 years of experience in the field of finance and accounting, accounting consulting in businesses;
  • 03 years of experience consulting and implementing Viindoo business management software;
  • Plan, survey and analyze business operations to apply software to management and operations;
  • Analyze gaps and advise on appropriate solutions based on customer requirements and software features;
  • Develop training roadmap and content, transfer Viindoo business management software to customers.


  • The project has participated & leader:
    • Deploying production management software for Tam Chien Co., Ltd;
    • Deploying accounting software for the system of 40 member companies of Equest Education Joint Stock Company;
    • Deploying ERP system for Viet Ha Co., Ltd;
    • Deploy the ERP system for Novamed Vietnam Joint Stock Company;
    • Deploying ERP system for Hoang Yen Marine Hai Phong Co., Ltd;
    • Deploying salary calculation software for R&B Food Supply Vietnam Co., Ltd. - Long An Branch;
    • Deploying the system of equipment and equipment and bidding packages to Hoa Binh Hydroelectric Project Management Board;
    • Project members deploying DMS system for Nissan Success - TC Motor;
    • Project members deploying the salary and asset management system for Silver Stone Coal Coal Coal Group;
    • Project members deploying manufacturing enterprise management software for X20-Nam Dinh Co., Ltd.;
    • ...


Logical thinking

Critical thinking

Positive Attitude

Accounting & Finance


Data synthesis, analysis


Project management




General Accounting Certificate

certificated by the National Economics University.