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Not only providing technology, we also apply theory of moden Enterprise Management experience in the software so that you can use it to the entire operation process at the enterprise.

About Viindoo

Established in 2019, with the leadership of Mr. Tran Ngoc Tuan - General Director, Viindoo Technology Joint Stock Company is known as a technology company, specializing in providing and developing Enterprise Management Software solutions. Viindoo helps enterprises apply IT effectively in business activities, to improve the quality of human resources, reduce costs and maximize profits, etc.

Besides, Viindoo is also a place for young talents to show their abilities and break their limits. All employees when coming to Viindoo are well-trained in Management and Technology knowledge. With a fierce working spirit, responsibility to adhere to the "kind business" culture, and a willingness to empower all employees to take the initiative in work, Viindoo is a suitable working environment for brave and enthusiastic people to accompany the company on the path of future development.

Meet the Executive Team

 Enterprise Management Software


Viindoo aims to become a leader in Enterprise Management Software for Small and Medium Enterprises around the world.


 Bringing value and sustainable growth to Small and Medium Enterprises;
​ Create profits for Investors;
Create social status and prosperity for Viindooers.

Core Values

 Great ambition;

 Proactive sprit;


 Consistency in words and actions;


 Trust and Kindness;

 International Quality.

Development process

2010 - Started researching Online ERP Solution on
OpenERP platform.

2013 - Built ERPOnline brand, providing ERPOnline Solution with cloud computing.

12/2019 - Establishment of Viindoo Technology JSC: Building Viindoo All-in-one Enterprise Management Software Solution.

10/2020 - Merged ERPOnline into Viindoo: Viindoo is taking over the achievements, Human resources and Technology of ERPOnline.

What do we provide?

Viindoo Enterprise Management Software

Helps enterprises apply information technology to effectively manage their businesses, improve human resources, reduce costs, and increase profits.

Training​ on using Viindoo Solution

Training​ on using Viindoo Solution

The training program helps users master technology and actively apply the Solution to business and production activities in a methodical and effective way.

Viindoo SaaS

Providing Viindoo Enterprise Management software on cloud computing platform as a SaaS (Software as a Service).

Customization & Development

Designing, customizing and developing additional features according to the specific requirements of the business.

Viindoo Marketplace

A platform serving for distributing apps, modules and themes integrated into Odoo Software and/or Viindoo Enterprise Management Software.

Implementation & Consultancy

A team of experienced consultants will advise and plan to develop solutions for sustainable development of Business.

What makes Viindoo different?

The product has the flexibility and full integration to meet the needs of even the most complex companies. Install more apps as your needs grow and your customer base increases.

Not just stopping at providing technology, we also integrate modern enterprise management experience in the software so that you can apply it throughout the operation process at the enterprise.

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Press and Awards

Awards and Achievements

 04/2021:  Sao Khue Awards for Viindoo Enterprise Management Software.

 04/2022:  Sao Khue Awards for Viindoo HRM Comprehensive Human Resource Management Solution.

 09/2022: Certification of Typical Innovation and Startup Enterprise 2022.

 10/2022: Vietnam Digital Award 2022.

 12/2022: Certification of Typical Digital Platform Enterprise in 2022.

 12/2022: Certification of Science  and Technology Enterprise.

 01/2023: Certification of Top 100 Enterprises - Entrepreneurs dedicated to Vietnam's economic development. 

 04/2023:  Sao Khue Award for Viindoo's Retail Store Management Solution (Viindoo Retail POS)

 04/2023: Sao Khue Award for Viindoo's Integrated Manufacturing Management Solution (Viindoo MRP)

Sao Khue Awards 2022
Vietnam Digital Award 2022

VTV4 - Representative of Viindoo Leadership shared Technology development policy in Hai Phong City.

VTC2 - Viindoo HRM Comprehensive Human Resource Management Solution marks Viindoo for two consecutive years honored at the Sao Khue Awards 2022.

VTC2 - Viindoo Enterprise Management Software was honored as an Excellent Product in Business Organization Management and Administration of the Sao Khue Awards 2021. - Solutions for small and medium enterprises on the journey of Digital Transformation. 

THP - Hai Phong Talkshow on Growth: Dialogue on Digital Transformation, answering questions from businesses at the start of the Digital Transformation race. - Auditing company breaks down all barriers with Digital Transformation.

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