Fresher Developer

--Viindoo Technology Joint Stock Company--

Viindoo is the All-in-One Overall business management solution that helps enterprises apply information technology to effectively manage their businesses, improve human resources, reduce costs, and increase profits.
With a strong belief in young Vietnamese developer, we are looking for talented Fresher Developer to pursue Viindoo’s mission together.

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 Position type

Full-time employee


Up to 17 million/month


Not required

 Work address

Taiyo Building, Hong Bang, Hai Phong

 Contact information

HR Dept: (+84) 225 730 9838

 Job Description of Fresher Developer Position

  • Participate in developing products for most businesses, helping their employees to handle tasks quickly, save time, and have high automation to minimize errors. Our main projects include: 
    - Enterprise products: from Accounting, Human Resources, Point of Sale Retail Point, to logistics and accounting, we have a lot of projects around business applications (improvements, development of new features, ...) 
    - Mobile: all products running on iOS and Android mobile applications (hybrid) 
    - Runbot: automatic product quality testing platform, guideline testing according to PEP 8, ECMAScript 6 - 10 standards,... 
    - Contribute to famous open source projects such as Odoo/Odoo, OCA/OpenUpgrade, Odoo/Owl, ...

  • Our products are based on: 
    - Programming language: Python
    - Database: PostgreSQL 
    - Development model: Open to external community 
    - Frameworks: Odoo v15, Owl v2, Bootstrap v4 
    - Collaboration platform: GitHub 
    - IDE: Eclipse

  • Collaborate with other team members;

  • Other tasks assigned by the Department Manager.

Requirements of Fresher Developer Position


  • Knowledge of any programming language;

  • Knowledge of OOP, data structures and algorithms;
  • Knowledge of SQL, Git, CSS, HTML, Javascript ES6, Bootstrap v4;
  • Knowledge of unit test, integration tests.


  • Proficiency in English;

  • Passionate about technology in general and programming & developing software in particular;

  • Actively explore and learn.


  • Experience with Odoo, Owl, Python, PostgreSQL, UML, Linux;

  • Be knowledgeable with API/RESTful API;
  • Knowledge and experience in UX/UI design;
  • Have an understanding of SEO and SEF.


  Salary - Bonus

  • Salary: Negotiable. Up to 17 million /month

  • Salary review at least twice a year

  Training & Development

  • Coaching provided: Business Administration, IT Application Solutions,...

  • Training provided: team leader, project management...;

  • Having the opportunity to participate in large projects, using the latest technology and techniques;

  • Being free to create and suggest ideas; 

  • Clear promotion roadmap.


  • Fully welfare under the Labor Law of Vietnam (social insurance, health insurance, etc.);

  • 18 days of paid annual leave;

  • Annual health checks;

  • Professional, dynamic and rapidly developing working environment;

  • Activities: annual travel, team-building, company and employee birthdays, daily tea-break, etc;

  • Sport clubs: Football, billiard, etc.