December 04th, 2022

  W.Jardin, 307 Nguyen Van Linh, D. Le Chan, Haiphong

VIINDOOER DAY is the biggest event annually, forwarding to Viindoo people - The Viindooers. This event aiming to honor all the talents, intelligence, unstoppable attempt and extraordinary achievements of the Viindooers, creating stage for the explosive energy in the future.

Break the Limit

There is a milestone on December 05th annually, VIINDOOER DAY is the most awaited event by The Viindooers. Following on the previous success, VIINDOOER DAY 2022 with the message "Break The Limit" promises to be memorable and emotional for Viindooers. 

Ready for the important milestone in the development journey, Viindoo is in the phase of "Breaking the cocoon" to conquer all the landmarks on the digital map. Viindoo believes that solidarity and cohesion will be a firm "launching ramp" for Viindoo to implement the mission of "Leading in the field of Enterprise Management Software provider for SMEs enterprise throughout the world."

Viindooer Day 2022 Break the Limit

Prominent milestone 2022

Look back the remarkable achievements that Viindooers achieved by years.


Strive to increase the Touchpoint possibility on Viindoo's website 

The project for website is implemented in every task, for every departments in the company, specifically:

  • There are 346 guideline documentations applied 14.0 version and upgrade 15.0 version & 25 technical documentations;
  • 124 Videos Tutorial &12 Videos Overview;
  • 146 Blogs & 41 Landing Pages.

Coupled with it, the project "Website rescue"; "Website development" are deployed in order to increase the touchpoint possibility of customers to Viindoo's website.

Viindoo Website Visitors 2022 

Increasing the company size and employees

  • 144 employees: increase to 65% than iin 2021;
  • 38+ Junior & Senior certified employees;
  • 35+ Professional skills certified executives.
Viindoo tăng trưởng quy mô nhân sự năm 2022

Vietnam Digital Award 2022 

On October 09th, 2022, Viindoo honor to be one of 27 enterprises achieving Vietnam Digital Award 2022 (VDA 2022) for typical product, service, and prominent digital transformation.

This Award has claimed the Viindoo roles in accompanying journey to overcome the digital transformation barriers.

Viindoo đạt Giải thưởng Chuyển đổi số Việt Nam 2022

Achieved "Outstanding Innovation Entrepreneurship and prominent Start-up enterprise in Haiphong 2022"

At the week of Innovation - Entrepreneurship and start-up occasion 2022 (TECHFEST HAIPHONG 2022), Viindoo is honor to be one of 5 enterprises having outstanding Innovation - Entrepreneurship activities.

Viindoo đón nhận Chứng nhận Doanh nghiệp Đổi mới Sáng tạo và Khởi nghiệp nổi bật 2022

Upgrade 15.0 version  system

2.562 coding hours, 554 tasks and 54 employees - the real figures recorded for the most important technical project in the 3rd Quarter 2022.

Nâng cấp hệ thống lên Phiên bản Viindoo 15.0

Sao Khue 2022 Award 

April 23rd, 2022, Human Resource Management Software Viindoo HRM is honored for "The best software product,  Vietnam IT".

Viindoo đạt Giải thưởng Sao Khuê 2022


Put branch in Hanoi into operation

April 15th, 2022, Viindoo JSC put the Hanoi branch into operation officially, aiming to increase brand awareness of Viindoo in Developing and high competitive market.

Viindoo đưa chi nhánh Hà Nội vào hoạt động

Officially become a member of Associations

  • Vietnam Internet Association (VIA)
  • Vietnam Software and IT Services Association. (VINASA)
Viindoo trở thành Hội viên chính thức của các Hiệp hội



VIINDOOER DAY 2021 - Together We Grow

Celebrated Viindoo 2nd birthday, with the message "Together We Grow", a activity series taken place with Viindoo solidarity spirit:

  • Viindoo Moments We Share;
  • Goals We Score; 
  • Talent We Show. 
VIINDOOER DAY 2021 - Together We Grow


VIINDOOER DAY 2020 - 1 year journey

On December 05th, 2020, Viindoo celebrated the Company's Establishment Anniversary: "Viindoo - A year of looking back" with many memorable moments. The event took place in the solemn and warm atmosphere of Viindoo Great Family with the presence of the Board of Directors and all employees. 

Outstanding series of activities on Viindooer Day 2022 

The events for Viindooers altogether show talent, intelligence, effort, and contagious cohesion.

Goal Breaker - Giải đấu Bi Lắc Mùa 2

Goal Breaker


 Head Office: 6th Floor, Taiyo Building, No.97 Bach Dang, Ha Ly Ward, Hong Bang District

Breaking Talents - Tìm kiếm Tài năng Mùa 3

Breaking Talents 


  W.Jardin, 307 Nguyen Van Linh, D. Le Chan, Haiphong.

Lucky Question - Câu hỏi may mắn

Lucky Question 


  W.Jardin, 307 Nguyen Van Linh, D. Le Chan, Haiphong

It will be a series of events with many explosions and surprises, follow Viindoo's media channels to continuously update the latest information and images about Viindooer Day 2022!