Viindoo's One App Free package is a new opportunity for businesses to experience digital technology

Currently, more than 60% of businesses are reporting cost barriers in investing in and applying technology, according to data released at the Forum "Accompanying Small and medium-sized Enterprises in digital transformation" organized by the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI) in collaboration with the Ministry of Planning and Investment and Meta Group. Recognizing this situation, Viindoo Technology Corporation has launched a Viindoo One App Free package to provide opportunities for businesses to experience free technology management solutions.

Vietnamese businesses are still facing difficulties in digital transformation

Digital transformation is no longer an option but a trend in economic development. It is increasingly attracting attention and investment from businesses to take advantage of new business opportunities and improve efficiency. According to a report by HBR, 84% of executives said new business opportunities arise when their companies use digital technology.

However, the implementation of digital transformation still needs to improve in Vietnam. Some businesses still need to be more concerned about the cost of implementing technology solutions and how to apply them to the management and operation of their business processes. This is especially true for small and medium-sized enterprises due to limitations in resources and experience in the field of information technology.

Viindoo's One App Free package is a new opportunity for businesses to experience digital technology

Viindoo Technology Corporation has also recognized the difficulties and concerns of companies that still need to apply digital technology to their management activities. Therefore, the company has changed its pricing policy and launched One App Free.

Viindoo One App Free

Viindoo honored for the third year at the Sao Khue award

Completely free

The Viindoo One App free package applies to first-time users of a single application, completely free of charge. With this program, businesses can experience a business management solution application from Viindoo without any fees. This also means that whether or not users use other Viindoo applications, they will not have to pay any additional fees for the first registered application. 

Permanent use

Compared to the free trial package with a validity period of only 14 days, the Viindoo One App free package has permanent validity. This is an opportunity for businesses or individuals who want to experience digital technology but still have reservations about its effectiveness and deployment costs.

Viindoo One App Free

Viindoo's One App free package

Easy to expand

In addition, after using the free One App package, users can use additional applications and features of the enterprise management software to enhance the efficiency of managing business activities. This helps businesses access and use the latest technologies, optimize operations, and reduce costs. The registration and deployment process is very easy and convenient.

This is truly an opportunity that must be noticed for businesses that have yet to undergo digital transformation. With the Viindoo One App free package, businesses can access modern technology solutions to manage and operate their businesses more efficiently. In addition, applying technology solutions also helps reduce costs and enhance competitiveness in the market.

Viindoo Technology Corporation, one of the leading technology companies in Vietnam, always accompanies Vietnamese businesses in improving and developing technology solutions to support the digitization of management activities. Viindoo has won the prestigious Sao Khue Award, an award in the IT industry in Vietnam, for three consecutive years. In 2023, Viindoo once again won two awards with its Viindoo MRP integrated production management software and Viindoo Retail POS store management software.

It is hoped that Viindoo's new pricing policy will contribute to promoting digital transformation in the country, helping Vietnamese businesses overcome challenges in the difficult global context, and achieving remarkable development in 2023.

Viindoo's One App Free package is a new opportunity for businesses to experience digital technology
Viindoo Technology Joint Stock Company, Monica Nguyen May 10, 2023
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