Viindoo’s New Pricing: Optimize your business cost

Our latest pricing has been tailored to meet the diverse needs of businesses across different industries. We understand that cost efficiency is a critical factor for businesses' profitability, and that's why our new flexible pricing ensures you enjoy a full range of sophisticated software features while keeping costs low. We invite you to learn more about Viindoo's new pricing policy and how it can benefit your business.

Previously, there was only one pricing model - 198,000 VND/user/month, with all applications included for free. However, we realize that many businesses may require only a few features, even though they have a large number of users. Moreover, some businesses may require customized additional applications to meet their unique needs.

Viindoo pricing in Vietnam market
(Old Pricing table in the Vietnamese market)

Therefore, we're pleased to announce our new pricing policy that addresses these concerns. Our flexible pricing policy allows you to optimize costs while using the software's exceptional features effectively. It caters to businesses of all sizes, and we're confident that you'll find it an excellent choice for your business.

More options, more values for your business

We have considered quite a lot about how pricing should be calculated to be suitable for the market and bring benefits to customers. And after many trials, Viindoo has decided to change its new pricing policy and believes that these changes will bring more benefits to customers.

Payment Cycle

We've added an annual payment cycle that offers more discounts compared to the previous monthly billing system. This allows you to choose a payment method that best suits your needs and financial plans while saving costs.

New Subscription Plans

We understand that not all businesses require the same software features, so we've introduced three different subscription plans to cater to your specific needs. These include the One App, Standard, and Luxury plans, which offer different levels of functionality and benefits. With these options, you can choose the subscription plan that fits your business's requirements and maximize the benefits of using our software.

| One App plan

  • 01 application only
  • Unlimited users

This is a completely One app plan for systems that use one application with no limit on the number of users. This plan is designed to help small businesses and startups get started without worrying about costs.

For example: You want to use the Sales software with full features? You can use it for free, with no user limits. Or, you need to build a standard SEO website - they are completely free with Viindoo, except when you want to install additional applications on the system.

| Standard plan

  • Priced based on actual users
  • Unlimited applications
  • 03 hours of free training

Standard package comes with a fee of 198,000 VND/user/month (in the Vietnamese market) and provides free access to all Viindoo applications (except for Viindoo Customizer), as well as 3 hours of free training to facilitate software usage. This is a great choice for small and medium-sized businesses that require multiple Viindoo applications.

| Luxury plan

  • Priced based on actual users
  • Unlimited applications
  • Flexible customization with Viindoo Customizer
  • Multiple companies
  • Upload of Custom applications
  • 05 hours of free training

The Luxury package is our premium package with a fee of 252,000 VND/user/month (in the Vietnamese market). It is suitable for large businesses that operate using a multiple-company model and require multiple features, particularly the ability to customize applications according to the specific needs of their business operations.

We believe that adding new subscription plans, including the annual payment cycle, will provide businesses with more options that align with business needs and financial capabilities.

Any change for current customers?

Viindoo's new pricing has been designed to optimize business costs when using Viindoo's products and services.

In the event that our current customers have to pay more than their current package, Viindoo will convert their current package to a suitable one and offer a discount to retain the same price that has been paid previously.

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Viindoo’s New Pricing: Optimize your business cost
Hue Nguyen April 3, 2023
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