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Transfer by Cross-Docking | 14.0

Following up the introductory video of Dropshipping, this video will be about inventory transfers with Cross-Docking.
- Dropshipping: your company doesn't have warehouses, which means products will be shipped directly from suppliers to customers.
- Cross-Docking: there must be at least one warehouse, which is not used for storing, but for the purpose of counting, gathering and packing products before transfering. As so, when the products are transfered from suppliers to the warehouse, they will be gathered in the Docking area. Cross-Docking is suitable for perishable products that require immediate transfering, such as food, FMCG, etc.

Specifically with Viindoo Inventory, this video will guide you:
- How to enable features
- Apply Cross-Docking shipping method for products
- Perform Cross-Docking cycle
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