Partnership Manager

Hải Phòng, Việt Nam

I. Job Description
  • Guide a Reseller’s high-level strategy;

  • Uncover Partner’s growth goals;

  • Adapt to Partner’s resource constraints;

  • Answer questions quickly;

  • Help get the Partnership up & running;

  • Advocate for Partners when issues arise;

  • Join sales calls/meetings when needed;

  • Provide sales training and coaching;

  • Provide product training & support;

  • Send leads to their Partners;

  • Deliver product training and updates;

  • Provide updates on changes to the Reseller program;

  • Help Partners execute marketing campaigns;

  • Act as a true extension of Partner’s team;

  • Build an ecosystem, not just a set of Partnerships;

II. Requirements

  • Building great relationships by being a proactive, responsive, strategic resource;

  • Being knowledgeable in their partners’ product, company and industry;

  • Being a great salesperson and sales coach;

  • Helping to create demand and refer leads;

  • Being an advocate for their partners when issues arise.

III. Benefits

Salary: Negotiable. Up to VND 30 million + Commission

  • Well-earned, competency-based salary and bonus, salary review every 6 months;

  • Being trained in Business Administration and building IT application solutions for Businesses;

  • Professional, dynamic and rapidly developing working environment;

  • Equipped with laptop after up to 01 working year;

  • Being free to create and suggest your own ideas; 

  • Having the opportunity to participate in large projects, using the latest technology and techniques;

  • Being trained and cultivated not only professional knowledge but also team leader and project management skills;

  • Annual health checks and travel;

  • Fully welfare under the Labor Law of Vietnam (social insurance, health insurance,....);

  • Opportunity to build relationships with people with status in society;

  • Clear promotion roadmap.

IV. Contact information
  • Human Resources Department - Tel: (+84) 225 999 1999

Salary: Up to VND 30 million + Commission

Địa điểm làm việc: 
P101-104, tòa nhà Thành Đạt 1, số 3 Lê Thánh Tông, phường Máy Tơ , quận Ngô Quyền Hải Phòng.

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